Efe Erdem

“Knowledge comes from always being open to improve one’s abilities while wanting to learn more. This statement describes my desire to continue learning with my passion for music.”

New Single is out!

Catching Fire is available on all downloading and streaming platforms.

Catching Fire



EFE ERDEM: THE ETERNALIST (Bird Summer-Residency)


Summer is knocking on the door with the question "who will be the artist in residence this summer?" Efe Erdem answers! For a month, Efe presents us his personal dream program. He explains how he fills out this residency with which musicians and his views on the scene in a conversation with BIRDsessions programmer Raluca Baicu.

Streetnotes Rotterdam


"The music lover in me wanted to create a reflection of different cities using sound. In order to create the best representation of a city I started to ask local musicians to play me a solo, live, at their favorite location. Producing soundtracks for different areas of the city to mix with my images." - vGilst Photography & Communication



Festival Jazz International Rotterdam 2018

Intrumental-Ensemble Chantal and Efe Erdem

For one evening, the ensemble will bring that mood to the Frankfurter Hof. With traditional Christmas music, Renaissance and medieval concertante, festive music by Corelli and Pachelbel, virtuoso from Ireland and contemplative pop music. The ensemble has reunited this year with composer and improviser Efe Erdem. He grew up in Ankara, lives in Rotterdam, musically he is at home with trombone and bass trumpet in traditional music, modern music and jazz.

Discover music, from Marrakech to Marseilles

Medfest is the new, traveling festival that focuses on the rich culture around the Mediterranean.

Jazzmatazz 25


First HipHop performace at Legendary Concert Gebouw Amsterdam with Re:freshed Orchestra and Guests. 

Dutch people admire Efe Erdem's music (Turkish Interview)

Efe Erdem, the trombonist who stayed here to study music in Netherlands, became the dearest of the Dutch with his talent. Erdem's second album on the way.

Efe Erdem Pack Project 2019

This year trombonist / composer Efe Erdem was chosen. We see in him the talent to take a new course based on the challenge we offer him. Erdem is a Rotterdammer with a Turkish background and is one of the members of the Re: Freshed Orchestra, among others. With his background, Efe has led jam sessions and special compositions for many years in various places in the city, including Dizzy, BIRD and Grounds. With its quality, its sound and fusion of different styles and its story with the city, a Pack Project by his hand fits in seamlessly with the spearheads of the festival. Rotterdam has inspired and shaped him to who he is today. In our eyes, this challenge for him provides an exciting concert for the public and the development of jazz music as an art form.

Beautiful Strangers

Let's Go Crazy Club Tour

Check the link for more info.


The Turkish trombone player Efe Erdem is at home in all markets. He played with Doe Maar, Anouk and The Rolling Stones, among others. An artist that you absolutely don't want to miss. Together with the Rotterdam singer Lady Shaynah, he blows the roof off.
Friday, Oct. 26 at 8.10 p.m.

A little throw back with musicians of InJazz


Efe Erdem : " It was great to combine the showcase with my EP release."

Dreams coming true!


Efe's 1st signature Trombone "Magnet" is available in Latzsch Custom Brass shops!

The Big Easy

The Big Easy is the nickname of New Orleans. The fact that "the northernmost city of the Caribbean" is not always so relaxed, is clear from the performance Temporary Compilation made for the Rotterdam Opera Days. The story goes too many directions, but the music is great: well played, sultry and swampy.

Jamzz Collective Featuring Efe Erdem


Check the link for more info.

A weekend of fresh Jazz, Electro, Funk & Dance sounds!


In the weekend of February 1 and 2, Mr. Otis presents a completely new Baby Otis, away from the 'local' program and head into experimental Jazz, electronic sounds, Funk and Dance.

Collaboration with Mascolori

Efe designed his 1st signature shoes with Mascolori. This product manifactured only 100 pairs.

With the Legends! The Mighty O'jays


After performing with The O'jays at North Sea Jazz Festival. What an honour!

Wicked Jazz Sounds


First our is free entrance with this flyer. Don't miss it!

Slide Factory


Trombone Festival Slide Factory 2017!

Latzsch Trombone Festival


Check the link for more info.


Re: Freshed Orchestra consists of very talented musicians with different backgrounds, ranging from pop to jazz and classical. De Doelen gives the members of Re: Freshed Orchestra carte blanche and thus presents Re: Freshed Orchestra.

Jazz world with Efe Erdem (Turkish Interview)


Efe Erdem, the only Turkish commentator of jazz music in Netherlands.

Efe Erdem gives a taste of his upcoming album!


Rotterdam - Trombonist Efe Erdem gives a preview of his debut album in Jazzcafé Dizzy with his band on Thursday.
Erdem is known from, among others, Re: Freshed Orchestra, Direct, Doe Maar and Anouk. Special guest is the Rotterdam soul singer Lady Shaynah. Efe Erdem will play on Thursday 25 October from 21.30 in Jazzcafé Dizzy on 's-Gravendijkwal 127.

Recordings are done!

Efe and the band were busy for last 4 days recording the upcoming album. stay tuned!

The Dream Team!

Working on the last details before we hit the recording button. stay tuned!

Photoshoot is done!


We had a great day shooting for Efe's upcoming album with Eric van Nieuwland.

Drawings by Gea Grevink 


Efe Erdem Quintet

Jazz at Duketown – 4 juni 2017 

LISTEN TO NEW MUSIC! Trombonist Efe Erdem Drops New EP “First Kiss” | Available NOW


ROTTERDAM, Netherlands – June 24, 2016 – PRLog — The virtuoso trombonist known internationally as Efe Erdem has released his new EP album, “First Kiss.” The album has been proudly published on the RDM Records independent music label without the direction or influence of the corporate music industry. Groovy, jazzy, and full of funk and rhythm ‘n’ blues, “First Kiss” is a startling introduction to this intuitive brass player from Turkey.

Interview with Karen van Gilst 


Efe Erdem listens miles of different music every day and week. He programs the weekly jam sessions at NRC (New Rotterdams Cafe), and thinks any kind of pop-music is weird. Not that he doesn’t enjoy playing it.About his future he says:“Music is what I do. I’m the music, the music is in me. It will always be there.So eventhough I’m doing something different in the future. For example, I like fishing a lot, music will allways be a part of my life. But honestly, I see myself touring at the age of eighty."


Some of the Oldies Goldies I recorded...

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